Total Recruiting Network

Website Creation

It is the mission of Total Recruiting Network (TRN), to partner with organizations and individuals that share a strong responsibility for today’s youth. Their goal is to prepare every student academically and athletically to fulfill his or her purpose an achieve his or her goals. TRN contacted Destiny King Productions for their web and media needs. We have provided numerous services for them by creating their website, designing the graphics, handling their email newsletter, and much more.

Skills Needed

Since the start of the project, we have provided an advanced web system for their needs. The admin has full control over all the upcoming events as well as their online store. Visitors to their website are able to create their own membership account that enables them to stay informed and receive offers from TRN. TRN is able to receive that information from the visitor and add that contact information to their email campaign for their marketing needs. They have seen a huge increase in traffic since the redesign of their website.

Responsive Design




Graphic Design

Website Maintenance


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